Elements of the interaction are, in the information theory of the engi…

Elements of the interaction are, in the information theory of the engi...

Elements of the interaction are, in the information theory of the engineer as well as mathematician Claude And also Shannon and the sociologist Warren Weaver, (mathematical The Theory of Communication, Urban: The University of Illinois Press, 1949) the 6 elements that take part in the transmission of a message or information. They are: source, transmitter, signal, noises, receiver and also adressee. This scheme soon was prolonged with even more elements: emitter, code, message, network, redundancy, discharged signal, got signal, scenario and also context. Shannon supervised of the cuatificables elements of the procedure, whereas Warren Weaver expanded east plan when indicating that the interaction problems could be examined in 3 levels: technician, semantic (referred to the significance and analysis of the message) as well as practical (on the consequences of the communication in the behavior of the people.

Later on, Californian investigators of the High Wood Institution took on an extremely essential placement relative to this design, who thought about was not able to consist of the global complex of the human interaction, a process full of communications. Watzlawick, Jackson and also Beavin defined in 1967 five axioms of the human interaction, of which we emphasized:

1) It is difficult not to communicate. In the human communication, all conduct has the worth of a message. As noconducta does not exist, we are constantly interacting.
2) All interaction has a material degree (what we say) and a relational degree (to whom as well as how we state it). We not just transmitted information, also we develop a relation with our interlocutor.
3) the people make use of a lot the communication digital (linguistic icons and/or created) like the analogical one (nonverbal language).
The factors or elements that participate in the communication are, basically, the adhering to ones:

The resource is the information or material in gross without ordering for being transferred in the message. For example, the temperature levels of a weather condition message.
The emitter is the element that takes and clarifies the resource according to a code to send a message clarified using the same one. The man of the time, for example.
The code is the set of indicators as well as regulations of mix of such that offers to send an information or source according to an understandable or decodable symbolic system for the emitter and also the receiver. For example, the system of measurement of temperature levels that we embrace in a weather condition message: centigrade, Réaumur range, Fahrenheit … or the language that are utilized in a weather condition message: the Spanish, the English …
The message is the details of the resource currently clarified and formed by means of the code: the climate message as it leaves emitted.
The emitted signal is the strength of the transmission when leaves the emitter, always extra extreme and also much less changed or distorted than the obtained signal.

The network is the average physicist through as the message is transferred: nervous system, air, get, water …

The noise is all element, psychic physicist or, whom a loss or distortion in the web content causes or develops of the message: opacity of the network, weak point of the signal, distances, tiredness of the emitter, bad understanding or belongings of the code, ambiguity, deafness, distraction, chaos, prejudices etc.
The redundancy is the recurrent rep of info that is made in the message so that the modifications, distortions and losses of information that causes the noise do not trigger a flight of outstanding details.
The context is the knowledge of a series of lingüísticas circumstances (previous messages to the message, needed expertise of presuppositions and also data for the intelección of the message) that is to have the message to be able to be understood exactly.

The scenario is the physical, short-lived and also space structure, of extralinguistic nature, in which the communicative procedure is developed, and that occasionally is important to have the ability to analyze a message correctly.
The collection agency is that to that the message goes destined, but that it necessarily does not have to be the element that understands it.
The receiver is the one that obtains and analyzes to the message ordered by the emitter utilizing the very same code whereupon it was based if the transmission is ideal.

Author: Doris Hoffman